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Welcome to the 2024 Season

The Salt Lake Avenues Community Choir is a nonprofit, nondenominational, all volunteer choir, inviting singers 16 years of age and older and to join us in enhancing the culture of unity and inclusiveness within our community. Participation is FREE and ALL ARE WELCOME. SIGNUP FORM

Rehearsal Schedule for 2024 Concert Season


Rehearsals: Weekly on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. beginning September 19th and running through December 12th. We rehearse at the historic LDS 27th Ward meetinghouse on 4th Ave and P Street.

Dress Rehearsal AND Holiday Concert:

Dress Rehearsal & Holiday Concert: Monday, December 16th at Libby Gardner Concert Hall. Call time for Dress Rehearsal is 3:30 pm. Concerts start at 5:30 and 7:30 pm.

Rehearsal Expectations


​In order to participate in rehearsals and perform in the concert, you must attend rehearsal each week during the rehearsal block unless you have discussed extenuating circumstances with the Choir Director in advance.


Show respect for the conductor and your fellow musicians


Use good singing posture

Bottled Water

No food or drink at rehearsal except bottled water


Bring a pencil, no pens or markers, to mark your music

Conduct for Singers


Be on time

Social Media

Refrain from posting negative comments about the choir or choir members on social media


Help maintain a professional atmosphere

Respect Property

Respect the rehearsal space (it’s donated)


Cooperate and be flexible


No Complaining

Don’t complain or gossip

Respect the Music

Respect the music (it’s donated)

Choir Member Concert Promotional Expectations


Each choir member is responsible to help distribute flyers, etc. to advertise the concert

Invite Family and Friends

Each member is responsible to invite family and friends to the concert. This is a free concert and we need to fill the seats. There will be tickets required in 2024 for the two concerts.  Tickets are free, but must be obtained in advance. More info soon on ticketing.

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