About the Greater Avenues Community Council – We are a 501c3 all-volunteer nonprofit organization formed in 1976, working to better the quality of life for all Avenues residents. 

Our goals, objectives, mission or vision statement is/are to:

  • Provide a forum to discuss issues of mutual concern
  • Establish working groups and committees to facilitate issue resolution
  • Promote activities that enhance and enrich the community
  • Make improvements to the community in order to protect the unique character of the Avenues
  • Provide and expand communication links with governmental, civic and community organizations
  • Provides benefit to the broader Avenues community with the use of GACC funds
  • The Council may take actions or positions that impact the greater community and fall under the above objectives.

The Avenues is one of Salt Lake City’s oldest neighborhoods. Its Plat is comprised of smaller blocks than the rest of the city. 

The Greater Avenues Community Council represents every resident and property owner in the Avenues. We are governed by our Bylaws, by Utah, Salt Lake City and IRS regulations, and led by our volunteer Officers and Board of Directors. The GACC holds monthly public community meetings to present relevant information and address issues of concern to our residents.

Boundaries of the Council 


Bylaws of the Greater Avenues Community Council 

Our meetings and the work of the Council are governed by Bylaws adopted by the community in 1995. The Bylaws have been revised several times since their initial adoption to clarify their purpose and intent. The Bylaws committee began working in the Fall of 2023 to revise the Bylaws again. The proposed changes will be presented to the GACC Board then the community in the coming weeks for discussion and vote. Read the GACC BYLAWS.



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