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Popperton Plots Mission Statement: Our mission is to grow healthy food and cultivate relationships through sharing local resources, knowledge, and a diverse community.


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With the assistance of countless volunteers and organizations including VODA Landscape + Planning and Salt Lake City’s SLCgreen initiative, and funds from Wasatch Community Gardens, the Greater Avenues Community Council and Slow Food Utah, Popperton Plots opened to eager gardeners in the Spring of 2014.


The GACC began work in 2007 to form a community garden. Several potential locations were considered, including the open space to the west of Kay Rees Park, and a section of Lindsey Gardens at 10th Avenue and M Street. In 2013, the City announced the availability of city park space for community garden use at Popperton Park. The Avenues Community Garden Committee collaborated with Wasatch Community Gardens, receiving grants and garden leadership training, which was completed by James Woolf and Michael Hughes. The site was graded and laid out for plots, and planted in the Spring of 2014. 


The Popperton Plots site is approximately 1/3 acre and has an unobstructed view of the entire Salt Lake valley. It is a showpiece community garden and the GACC is proud to support the continued development of this important community venture. Popperton Plots is an official garden of the Wasatch Community Gardens Green City Growers initiative. Please visit our information page HERE. Our community garden is located at 1450 East Popperton Park Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 (map & directions).

How to Acquire a Plot
The individual garden plot fee is $30 per year. If you are a new gardener and wish to sign up for a plot at Popperton Plots, CLICK HERE to visit the Wasatch Community Gardens registration page and complete your application. Continuing gardeners at Popperton Plots can renew their parcel HERE.

Popperton Plots Rules for Gardeners
Please CLICK HERE for the rules sheet adopted by our gardener group. All decisions at Popperton Plots are made collectively, and each gardener must understand and agree to the rules and responsibilities before gardening with Popperton Plots and the Wasatch Community Gardens.

Donate –
Popperton Plots gladly accepts donations of tools or funds to cover our expenses. We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for helping to keep the garden an abundant, beautiful, and vital aspect of our neighborhood! Cash donations are tax deductible, and can be sent to:

Greater Avenues Community Council
PO Box 1679
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
Wasatch Community Gardens
824 S 400 W, Suite B127
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Please be sure to note “Popperton Plots” on your donation.

Please call or email Michael Hughes, hesmichael@gmail.com, 801-859-5858 to coordinate the pickup of tools or gardening supplies.

Cash donations may be made by completing this form:

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Minimum Price: $25.00


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