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Public comments are being taken

SLC Park Strip, Landscape Policy Changes

Public comments are being taken by the Salt Lake City Planning Division and Planning Commission as they consider city-wide changes to the Landscaping Chapter of the Zoning Code. This includes proposed revision of the Park Strip ordinance under which many city residents have been penalized for their water conservation efforts.

The proposed Park Strip policy revision would require one “street tree” every 30 feet and vegetation covering at least 30% of the area.

See all proposed amendments HERE.

The Planning Commission will consider landscape/park strip ordinance changes at its April 26 meeting. Public comments can be submitted in-person or via email to Nan Larsen at Reference case number PLNPCM2023-00098 in the subject line. The agenda for next Wednesday’s (April 26) Planning Commission meeting is HERE

The Planning Commission’s recommendations will then be presented to the City Council for final approval.


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