Citywide Transportation Plan

The draft Citywide Transportation Plan is available to view!

PROJECT UPDATE (updated 02/14/2024) – The draft Citywide Transportation Plan is available to view! The plan was approved by the Planning Commission and is scheduled to be taken in front of the City Council for approval!

Salt Lake City Transportation announces the final draft of the Citywide Transportation Plan, which seeks to create a governing set of policies to shape roadway projects in Salt Lake City for the next two decades. This plan update is required to go before the Planning Commission for a recommendation then to the City Council for a final decision. Both bodies will hold public hearings, and will use these criteria for making their recommendation:

  1. Whether the plan update is consistent with the purposes, goals, objectives, and policies of the City as stated through its various adopted planning documents; and
  2. The extent to which the proposed plan implements best current, professional practices of urban planning and design. A 45-day comment period has been opened and residents may comment via email to or by mail to Joe Taylor, Salt Lake City Transportation Division, 349 South 200 East Suite 150, SLC UT 84111.



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